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How Much Do Cam Girls Make

If you’re thinking of opening a cam profile, you should know that there is a lot of work to be done. You will need to get your equipment and materials ready and improve your skills quickly to become a member of the cam girls elite who can make the most money.

In this guide, we’ll go through ALL of the facts about how girls make money on camming sites as webcam models and how you can make some good money too.

So, How Much Do Cam Girls Make?

Currently, the average weekly earnings for a cam model is about $1,045 per month. Note that this is what you get when you work for about 18 hours per week. 

There are a lot of things that influence how much cam models make. One of the most important is experience. Experienced webcam models know not to just go online and start flashing  pussy or boobs. You?ve got to tease the men to get them to almost cum and open their wallets for you. That?s how you get stuff done and make good money per day. 

Webcam modeling newbies tend to just go online and make a mess of the whole thing. While you can be a newbie and still work your way pretty well, being experienced does come with a lot of advantages and opportunities to make much more money. 

You also need to consider how much time you spend on camshows, the camming site that you join, and a wide array of other factors like your expertise level and the time of the day that you’re working.

I am going to let you in a little secret, top-earning webcam model in the United States can earn as high as $6,000 per week. If you ask me, that?s not bad, considering that you won?t be having sex with anyone ? except you want to, of course. 

For a beginner webcam model, your pay could be as low as $100 per month. However, stick with it and you?ll soon see yourself making some proper cash. when you consider the different amounts of time a cam model spends on a cam site, you will find that an average webcam model should be able to earn as much as $60 per hour on a camming platform.

Although,  hourly earnings also vary. Top webcam models can earn as high as $315 per hour, while some on the lowest end of the spectrum can earn amounts like $5 an hour. 

Time and Experience Play Significant Roles

As explained earlier, the most significant factor that dictates how much a webcam model can make while camming is their level of experience. So, it won?t come as a shock that a webcam model can earn much more money if she is good at what she does.

If you?re a new webcam model with about 1-year experience (or less), you could earn about $804 per week on an average. When split for hours, that should be about an Average $43 income per hour on cam sites. If you?re an experienced webcam model ? I?m talking about cam models who have about five years plus under their belt doing this ? the pay can go as high as $2,875 per week. Put into hours, that?s about $103 per hour. 

However, consider that most newbie ladies tend to earn $100 per month. So, an experienced cam girl can very well make what newbie webcam models make in a month after just an hour of camming. If that doesn?t get you to want to take your clothes off, I don?t know what will.

What I?m just trying to say is that it?s all encouraging. New webcam models tend to feel like this isn?t working out for them after some time. But this is the time, when you just need to keep at it and you?ll be surprised how much girls like you make while camming long-term.

You also want to consider the time that a cam model can & will spend on camming. If you?ve got another job and you see camming as a side hustle, then you might not be able to dedicate your full time to it. That?s fine, though, but keep in mind that the average cam girl works 18 hours a week on cam sites to make good money. So, if you are really into it, you can find the extra time for your after-hours venture.

Cam models who manage to do 18 hours a week can make as much as $1,000 from doing so (provided you are skillful enough). However, if you boost your camming game and spend about 35 to 40 hours on a cam site, you could make much more money.

Cam models draw a significant amount of traffic, and you need to be available to get as much cash from these guys as you can. No mercy, right? Remember, men love to cum.

A webcam model on the lower end of the spectrum tends to do just 5 to 10 hours a week. For these girls, earnings can be about $350 per week. Depending on your needs, this isn?t so bad. 

I?m not saying that you should treat camming as a full-time gig. I?m merely trying to point out that this is a pretty viable career move for anyone. Most cam girls work part-time, and I know that (as I am one of them). However, some can treat this as a full-time thing and they can make much more money.

I’ve seen cam models who can make as much as $130,000 to $150,000 a year!! Worth to mention that cam girls (see the Best Cam Girls) make is almost twice how much an average American household gets in the United States. How many jobs do you know that pay you as much as $150,000 per year?

Cam Sites ? Which Will Pay The Most?

Another tip you will need to know to step up your career as a cam girl and boost those earnings will be to find the cam site that pays the most. Your choice of a cam site will play a significant role in bolstering your income or diminishing it. 

Based on my research, you will find that MyFreeCams, Streamate, and Chaturbate are the most popular cam sites on the internet. In fact, Chaturbate has a very significant portion of the entire traffic that all cam girls get. 

All in all, you will find that Streamate, Chaturbate, StripChat, and Xmodels are the cam sites that pay cam girls the most. Average earnings on Xmodels is about $2,440 a week. On Streamate, however, average hourly earnings for a cam girl can be as high as $69 per hour.

Tips for the Cam Girl Who Wants to Earn Money

Now that we have all of the details covered, there are some important tips that you want to learn as a webcam model. These tips will help you to stay on the top of your camming game and make the most cash.

Choose a Good Cam Site

As stated earlier, your choice of a cam site will play a significant role in determining your earnings. 

Different cam sites will allow cam models to make money in different ways. So, choose a site that lets you be who you are and which is convenient for you. 

Of course, you should also consider the site?s payment structure and whether they pay well. If they don?t, then there?s hardly any reason to stay with them. I personally prefer Xmodels because it has a reliable payment method and tokens seem to be worth more on the platform.

Check for Additional Service Offerings

To make money as a cam girl, you will need to also check out the right camming sites that allow for additional service offerings.

These offerings can include private shows, sexting, phone sex, selling your videos, and selling your nude photos.

These additional services can go a long way in bolstering your earnings a great deal. 

Don?t Get Naked Immediately

A man comes to see cam models  so he can cum. When you get naked too quickly, there?s hardly any fun in it. 

Men love to be teased. So, tease them. Remember that men want to see you naked, so you will need to show those boobs and that pussy eventually. However, you should tease him into it and make him beg for it. 

My experience is that like this men will pay much money to you. If you want to boost your model salary, make good money as a webcam girl, you need to know how to make a great impression all the time and get him to want more of you.

Invest In How You Look

This is another significant factor that can boost your model salary a lot. Since men are paying for what they see, you need to ensure that they get hard dicks as soon as they look at you. 

Cam girls make cash when guys think they look beautiful. Guys will judge you by your physique and how you look in general. If you?re not hot, most guys won?t pay any money. It?s as simple as that. So, put some money into how you look. 

Don?t have too much body fat. If you have saggy boobs or that ass is beginning to drop, get in the gym and make it perky again. If you have to do surgery, save up some money, and do it. 

Also, remember to eat health and exercise. If you fall sick and have to take some days off, you run the risk of your audience are going to see some other cam girl who?s way hotter. Like that, you lose your customers. 

Have a Great Personality

Put simply, don?t be a bitch. You need to have a good personality that people want to relate with and talk to. A cam girl can?t be moody and snippy. Relate with people, let them talk to you, and be friendly. 

In the live chat session, make sure you answer the guys and relate with them. Even if a guy makes a joke that isn?t funny, laugh at it, and make him feel good.

Cam girls make the most money off guys who just want to feel good. That feeling is part of what they?re paying for. You can do a lot to improve your earnings if you?re friendly. 

Be Regular With Your Timing

As a cam girl, you will need to be regular with how you appear online. This is especially important when you get a few people who always want to see you. 

Check out when the guys are mostly online ? this is usually at night and early in the morning. Make sure you?re available then. During the day, most guys usually go to work. So, you might not find traffic then. If you do, however, make sure you?re always available. 

In fact, you could use the live sex chat feature to speak to some of the guys and let them know when you?ll always be around. Once you get a sizable number of men always looking for you, it is your job to always be available so they can see you. 

Trust me; this beats always coming online and hoping to find people around. 

Use Men?s Fantasies

This is actually one of the most critical tips you could have as a cam girl. If you want to be successful, you need to know what men love. 

This is one of the reasons why the live sex chat option is available to you. If you manage to get a live chat with someone in a private room, ask him for what he likes and what he wants to see. Then, do it. honestly, it?s pretty simple if you ask me. 

I understand that a lot of men might be asking for too much. You can decline some stuff if you want to, or you could ask the man to pay more if he wants you to do these things. For him to come to a live chat with you, then he most likely has the money to spend anyways. 

Sell Exposure for Your Benefit

Exposure on platforms like Snapchat and Kik can help you out. While these aren?t adult content or camming sites, girls with cam profiles can always use their privacy features to gain more people to their platforms. 

Note, however, that some girl cam sites won?t allow this. If they sense any third-party access, they might block your camming profile. So, read the terms carefully to ensure that you?re not breaking any rules.


So, you see that working as a cam girl can be pretty lucrative. It might be aad challenging at the beginning, but you merely need some dedication and the desire to improve your skills.

Also, remember to check the platform that you use while camming. I personally prefer names like Chaturbate and Xmodels for their pay structure, but feel free to do research and come up with a platform that works for you.