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How To Become a Cam Girl | Easy Tips To Follow

Camgirls are horny girls who perform on cam sites to guys. It?s a lucrative career for sure, although there are some things you need to know before you can become one of the most successful camgirls out there.  While the process takes time, it is rewarding at the end and can deliver a pretty lucrative income.

In this article, you?ll get to know the vital facts before you work your way to become a top-earning camgirl.

Get ready!

Choosing the Best Cam Site to Work On

The first tip to you as a future cam girl is to pick the right website. As a cam model, there are different sites you can pick to begin your career. Surviving as a top camgirl will require much more than just your computer and great visual tools. A lot of the time, one of the most significant success factors for a camgirl is the site you?re on. 

You need a cam site that provides the right benefits, including top security and a broad audience. To get started with a good cam site, you need to know what is the most important for you. Some girls look for low commissions, which will maximize their earnings. Others try to get sites with the highest levels of privacy since this ensures optimal transparency. 

Some girls believe that the most popular sites will be the best since they will get the broadest audience. A broader audience also means the chances of making money are higher. Whatever your priorities are,  you need to have the right information that will help you choose the best cam site available. 

Generally, there are two primary types of cam sites available for cam girls: 

Token Sites

A token site (such as MyFreeCams and Chaturbate) is a site where cam girls will have to entertain audiences in front of their webcams. You perform like a regular cam girl and your fans give you tokens as tips. While these sites come with private chats and live sex chat options, the primary source of income will be through the tips that people give you. 

If you?re a cam girl on a token site, you will need to have a great personality. Make sure to do two things primarily ? performing and chatting. Making money for a cam model on token sites is usually easier, especially if you become successful ? either through your performance or your friendly interactions. However, the work to become a cam girl who is successful isn?t so easy for these sites, especially for beginners. 

Private Sites

If you?re a cam girl for a private site (like LiveJasmin or Streamate), things operate a bit differently. On a private cam site, you will need to present yourself, have someone choose you, and go to a private live sex chat room with the person. You also want to work to ensure that they become regulars 

The person you chat with will give you a fixed rate, which you both agree on before the session starts. Since your objective will be to have someone pay for you and take you to a private chat room, this is usually less stressful than being on a token site. 

Sadly, the truth is that private cam sites might not pay cam girls as much as token sites. It?s even worse if you?re a beginner, as you will need to do a lot of work to get a steady stream of people coming to your site. 

On private sites, the emphasis is usually on performance You?ve got to make the guy cum and give him a good time for him to come back again at some point. Still, private sites work pretty well for girls who don?t really like to socialize. If you?re the type who just wants to pop your pussy and get paid, this is a great option for you. 

The pro tip as far as choosing a cam site will be to start with a private site. With these cam sites, you can build your performance skills and understand what you like to do. Once you feel like you?re more comfortable, you can move to a token site and make more money there!

How Cam Girls Get Paid

Now that you know the right cam site for you, the next question will be figuring out how you will make your money. Considering that a lot of sites have high commissions, you might consider using several other methods to get some additional income. These methods include social media, gift cards, and wishlists.

In reality, you will most likely find that these payments will only make up a small part of your entire earnings. This is because most cam sites ban any alternative methods of getting paid. It?s all under rules, so you can?t sneak one by them. However, you can boost your income through areas like promotions and social media. 

Most sites will allow customers to tip through feedback options. This way, they prevent their cam girls from getting any money from anywhere else. However, if you want to get additional income, you can use things like gift cards, clip sites, and more. You can also encourage fans to purchase still for you through wishlists. 

I?ll always advise that you take about a week or two to do some thorough research before you become a cam girl. Don?t just blindly sign up to be a cam girl on some site without checking if it has what you desire. Regardless of how popular the site is, understand everything about them and look into how you can benefit.

The Equipment You’ll Need

As a top-performing cam girl (see Best Cam Girls), you need way more than just the ability to give your viewers a good show. You also need the right equipment to make them see everything clear.?

Remember that these guys just want to beat their dicks and cum if they can?t see what you?re doing, there?s not much of a point. With that in mind, keep the following in mind: 


First on the list of tools you will need is a good laptop. Most laptops have in-built cameras, and you might be able to use this for your show. Since it?s easy to use and you don?t need to get a separate webcam, this is perfect. An in-built camera also doesn?t come with handling requirements. You won?t need to change its lighting or clean it up as you perform.

Also, remember to have a reliable internet connection. To become a cam girl, you need a stable internet connection for your streaming to be top-notch.

The laptop’s in-built camera will also need to have great video quality. I?ll always recommend that you get a new laptop for this, as you can trust that the quality will be good. There are tons of great laptops that you can get for your shows, so feel free to do your research. 

External Webcam

If you want to launch your career as a cam girl and you don?t want to get a new laptop, then you will need to have an external webcam. At the very least,  webcam models should do their camming with a resolution of 720p HD video. This will be enough to ensure that your camming is clear and viewers are seeing everything you?ve got. 

Then, if you want to upgrade things, consider getting a camera with 4K Ultra HD video. At that point, you know your camming is at the highest quality and you’re dealing with the best stuff around. For a round-up on the best camming devices, keep the following in mind: 

  • Resolution: You need something with at least 720p
  • Megapixels: Your camera should have between 5MP and 15MP
  • Weight: The camera shouldn?t weigh up to 720g. You don?t need something that?s too heavy. 

Mobile Phone

If you don?t have the money to get a laptop or an external webcam, then you can perform with your mobile phone. A lot of cam sites allow cam girls to go online with their phones, so don?t be scared. As a webcam model, you can still work it without an actual webcam.

You can directly use your phone?s camera to stream your camming session. However, it won?t be easy to hold the phone while camming. So, make sure you get a tripod to place your phone while you work. You can always find a good tripod at a pretty affordable price. Check sites like Amazon to find a good deal. 

Then, you also want to get apps that will help you improve your streaming quality. Apps like iMovie and more will provide a clearer camming experience overall. This way, you will be able to work without worrying too much about the angles and lighting that your phone provides. Most of these apps are available for free, and you can find the best one by checking your app store. 


Along with a good camming device, you also shouldn?t forget about the microphone. Most webcams come with built-in microphones, but becoming a cam girl means that you should have the right sound quality levels. 

Since you will be communicating with your viewers, it is critical that they can hear you well. A lot of guys actually find girls moaning to be really hot. So, make sure that can hear your voice as you moan to that pussy being hit. 

To get a good microphone to support your camming, you will need to pay about $60 to $100. Considering that this is an investment that you will only make once, that price isn?t so bad. 

While becoming a cam girl, remember that your primary goal is to attract people to your page and make them pay good money. You want to have a set of people who come regularly to your page ? to cum!

However, doing that isn?t easy. So, make sure to focus on performances and activities that will get people to tip you. As a cam girl, you need to do more than just perform for guys. To be a top-performing webcam model, you also need to use your online persona and skills to earn a sizable income. 

Many cam sites allow webcam models to communicate with your viewers. However, there has to be a way for you to entice people to go into private chats with you and tip. Here are some specifics that you want to remember as you work your way to success. 

Earning Tokens

As a camgirl, tokens are what your viewers will use to tip you for a good performance. While camming, your viewers can either give you a tip after a performance or pay extra to see something ? maybe your boobs or your wet pussy. 

The token rates usually depend on your cam site. The more tokens you get as a webcam girl, the more money you earn. So, here are a few things you need to remember as you try to earn tokens:

  • While chatting in a camming session, be authentic and have a positive attitude towards viewers
  • Don?t be cold and/or rude. You want people to like you
  • Prepare tools that you’re going to need while camming to make your performance better. Vibrators, dildos, etc. are all welcome in a webcam session
  • Listen to your viewers and understand what they like while you’re camming.  Then, do it
  • Try to change performances and add something new every time. Watching you do the same thing will be boring eventually 
  • Be mindful of the chat as you perform. A lot of guys will give your feedback and let you know how you?re doing

Getting Viewers to a Private Webcam Show

Video cam girls know that a private chat is where you make money the most. If you want to get your viewers into a private webcam chat or show, you have to flirt with them and make them feel good. Everyone who comes to see a cam model is looking to feel special and escape the pressures of the day. So, ease their stress and they?ll follow you anywhere!

 However, remember that this doesn?t mean you should force them to come with you. Try to make the conversation flow naturally and encourage them to go for a private chat. Once they get there, show them want you?ve got and watch as they tip continuously. This is the critical key to make money.

 As long as you’re able to maintain a connection to your viewers and make them feel special while camming, they?ll definitely pay for that private show. 

Remember that the people who come back are the ones who will tip you the most. It shows that they like what you’re doing and want to see more. So, make sure that you maintain that personal connection with everyone to make them come back always.

 How is a Cam Girl’s Income Like?

 As a webcam girl, you don?t know how much you?ll be able to make in the future. Your income will vary, and it can even get unstable sometimes. However, if you make sure to keep up a great performance every time and you have people who are willing to pay to see you, then you?re set. 

Remember to be patient while becoming a camgirl. You make money by building connections with people, and it might take time. Grow your fans and ensure that you can profit by giving them a good time.

Each site has a dollar amount that they tie to each token. For instance, camming platforms like Chaturbate tokens are worth $0.05 each. So, for every 1,000 tokens, you get $50. 

For a private show, you can decide the rate you will charge for a minute and the minimum number of minutes that you want to engage viewers to determine how you make money. So, if you?re charging 60 tokens a minute and you want to run for 10 minutes, that?s 600 tokens. On Chaturbate, that is $30.  

Note that some other things might affect your salary. The hours you work are one of them. A lot of guys have work to do in the afternoons, so they won?t be available to watch you. Instead, try in the evenings and at night. Mornings are also fine, as many guys love to cum before they get to work. So, they check out webcam model sites first.

All of these factors are why you shouldn?t draw conclusions immediately. Instead, check around and experiment to find a schedule that works. 

Top Takeaways for the Beginner Webcam Model

  • To become a cam girl, always remember to be friendly and talk to the guys. Engage them with interesting conversions and be relatable. Most of your viewers will be silent at first, but they?ll loosen up as they talk more with you. Once you notice that someone is beginning to be friendly with you, then you know you?ve hit the jackpot. 
  •  Go to the cam modelling site every day. This way, you can talk to more guys and develop relationships with them more quickly. Remember that guys will only spend money on you when they get to know you more. 
  • Also, try to be active around the same time every day. By doing this, you will be ensuring that people who are familiar with you know where and when to find you. Be consistent with your camming time and be ready when your viewers are.
  •  On some cam sites, you will see fans who have tokens. They?re usually shown in different colors. When you find these guys, try to relate with them and be friendlier. Spark conversations while camming and try to get what they like. Since these are the guys with money to spend, the goal will be to convert them into regular customers.
  • When you?re learning how to become a cam model, it?s easy to lose confidence when things don?t go your way at first. The temptation to quit will be strong but don?t. for every cam girl, the beginning is pretty slow. However, stay with it and you will grow your audience with time. 

That’s it, hope you enjoyed reading it!