2015 Grantees

A statewide regranting program for artist-organized projects, administered by SPACE Gallery on behalf of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Network.

Andrew Thompson
Awarded amount: $5000

Interstices is an attempt to portray the essence of Portland, Maine as it has never been portrayed before. Over the course of the past two years and continuing into 2015 Andrew Thompson has been collecting hour-long field recordings at every street crossing in the city at all times of the day and night. These recordings will be displayed in their entirety, with each one being played back via it’s own speaker, in an immersive sonic installation. This nearly five hundred-channel system will initially be installed at the Emery Community Arts Center in Farmington, Maine in fall 2015.



Portland Brick
Elise Pepple, Ayumi Horie, Pilar Nadal
Awarded amount: $5000

What if our city could literally tell its own stories? Portland Brick is a place-based public art installation that stories the city with moments its residents deem significant. For this project, historical facts, individual memories, and future wishes for the city will be stamped into bricks that have been customized to fill the gaps in the sidewalks. A website will connect these bricks to longer form stories. Then some of the future wishes for the city will catalyze public art interventions. In this way the city’s stories literally repair the sidewalks while wishes shape new memories of its future.


Spaceship for Spaceship Earth
Sean Patrick O’Brien
Awarded amount: $5000

Spaceship for Spaceship Earth is a floating geodesic sculpture that will travel the coast of Maine and be moored in various locations as a transient public artwork. This floating pod, inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller, will be outfitted with photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and a small hydroelectric generator to convert wave energy into onboard power. Batteries will be used to store energy that can later be turned into light, sound or heat. In addition, sensors will be used to record information about humidity, wave movement, temperature and location, to be converted into visual and sonic artwork.





DM Witman
Awarded amount: $5000

I aim to create conscious engagement between the public and the issue of climate change, which is perhaps, the most critical issue facing us all today, and the future. As an extension of a project in progress, MELT, I will print and mail 250 postcard-sized unfixed salt prints to residents of Maine. Recipients will be faced with making a conscious decision as to if, and how often to open the envelope, contributing to the disappearance of the image, which parallels our daily life choices contributing to the alteration of global climate.






Caroline Losneck, Kelly Rioux, Chris Wright
Awarded amount: $5000

Home/Resilience is an interactive and experiential social documentary installation and a story of and tribute to the last two 90-year old residents of the 144-year old St. Mark’s Home for Women in Augusta, Maine. The site-specific installation will be created in the historic Augusta Colonial Theater, which closed in 1969, and is undergoing revitalization. Through the stories and voices of Ruth and Nona, Home/Resilience raises questions and inspires conversations about wisdom and aging – offering insights about the social and physical structures that help shape our notions of ‘home.’ Beyond a traditional documentary film, photography show, or radio story, participants experience Home/Resilience by walking into a multi-storyline and immersive installation revolving around Ruth and Nona, dynamic women that represent aging Americans, issues of isolation and the importance of community in sustaining life. As part of the installation, the short documentary film A Home for Women (by Kate Kaminski, Betsy Carson and Caroline Losneck) will be screened on a front porch microcinema. 


Andy Rosen
Awarded amount: $5000

UNPACK is a temporary sculpture of a single dog and wolf pack perched atop abandoned dock pilings in Portland harbor. The installation is a continuation of my current series in which toy-like animals are engaged in human struggles and affected by human activity. UNPACK explores the undoing of nature and its organic communities by humanity’s odd modern relationship with the environment.



Portland Mural Initiative
Will Sears and Tessa O’Brien
Awarded amount: $5000

The Portland Mural Initiative will bring contemporary public art to the streets of Portland, ME. We will work primarily with local artists to create temporary and permanent murals, wall paintings, and architectural interventions. Our project places a premium on community engagement. We will host neighborhood meals and artist talks for each individual mural, to introduce the artist to the neighbors and open the lines of communication. This grant will fund our two first murals, a community dinner, and administrative work towards developing the initiative.



Proposal for an Appalachian Glacier
Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen
Awarded amount: $5,000

We will create the first self-generating glacier in the Appalachian Mountains since the Quarternary Period. The first phase of the project will explore the fundamentals of glaciology to establish a vision for a glacier that will grow, move, and ultimately transform the Maine landscape. This conceptual phase of the project will take form in a charrette, at which we will present a temporary sculpture in an indoor space that mimics the scale and presence of the proposed glacier in conjunction with technical drawings and site photographs. This exhibition will engage experts and stakeholders in the process of review, critique, and improvement of the



The Institute for American Art 
Chris Stiegler and John Sundling
Awarded amount: $5000

The Institute for American Art will produce a year’s worth of programming centering on artistic production and community engagement. The IfAA is an educational organization designed as a museum and located within a domestic home. Over the course of our previous season we hosted visiting artists, produced several catalogs, and welcomed well over 300 people into our space for various events. We are ramping up our calendar toward a busy and productive year in 2015. We are excited to promise more lectures, screenings, performances, and projects.





The Chart
Ashleigh Burskey & Jenna Crowder
Awarded amount: $5000

The Chart is a new online arts journal for artists, writers and cultural producers to write and create traditional and experimental art criticism. As a response to the scarcity of quality arts journalism in Maine, The Chart will feature critical discourse, interviews, exhibition reviews, essays on art practice and process, and features on artist-­run spaces, projects, and initiatives. The Chart will connect Maine’s artists to each other and to national and international contexts.  In short, The Chart is an extensive hub for dialogue, education, and opportunity for artists and those invested in the vitality and dynamism of Maine’s art community.