Shoshannah White
Awarded Amount: $5,000


CHATTERMARK is a street-art initiative bringing imagery of the Arctic and melting glacial ice to the streets of Maine. “Chatter mark” is a geological term for the groves and gouges made from glaciers dragging rock and fragments along, carving into bedrock and leaving traces of their existence in their path. This project will inject images of a continually changing Polar landscape into the busy rush of daily life—a reminder of new landscapes resulting from human impact, and a connection/disconnection we have with the inhabited world. Images are printed at mural scale and adhered to public, exterior walls with an all-natural binder meant to disintegrate with time and weather. CHATTERMARK will grow to include a small number of rural installation sites to further its reach. Each installation will point to a web presence providing context, links and varying perspectives on environmental concerns.