Tracking the Border

Lucinda Bliss
Awarded Amount: $6500


Tracking the Border is an interdisciplinary project based on navigation of the 611 miles that represent the Canada/US border in Maine. The artist will travel the length of the border in 4 week-long segments, running, paddling, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, and each segment will include travel and/or dialogue with an expert from a different field (Forestry, Native community, Geology, and Border Patrol). The resulting work will take several forms: blogging, large-scale drawings, and a series of interdisciplinary lectures and panels. The project will incite a true cross-disciplinary dialogue around the increasingly important issue of borders in the world.

image: Lucinda Bliss, Daily Patterns 9, monotype, graphite, watercolor, ink, and colored pencil, 2015