Truck Show

Hi Tiger
Awarded Amount: $5,000


Hi Tiger combines forms, aesthetics and techniques to present work that falls outside of any one category.  It isn’t a band, although the group does incorporate music.  It isn’t a dance performance, yet dance is integral.  It isn’t visual art, though the visual elements derive from lead artist Derek Jackson’s own personal history with portraiture and explorations of the body and how it is re/presented. Hi Tiger presents work outside of traditional spaces that may be relative to any singular aspect of the piece.  In keeping with this idea of combining elements, Hi Tiger employs a diverse group of artists from various racial, sexual and religious backgrounds.  The mission of the project is to transcend social norms and expectations. In TRUCK Show, Hi Tiger seeks to create a fully contained mobile installation that can be presented on sidewalks, in parks, parking lots and venues that don’t historically present art or performance. Hi Tiger is Derek Jackson in collaboration with Amandaconda, Nicole Antonette, PSBL, and Taylor Vesey aka SWIM