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A statewide regranting program for artist-organized projects, administered by SPACE Gallery on behalf of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Network.

The In Kinship Archives & Performance Fellowship

What possibilities emerge when we look at social repair and environmental care as public, creative acts?
The Archives & Performance Fellowship is a paid, year-long opportunity for four Fellows that follows the tradition of Wabanaki Guiding, connecting Native and non-Native people to place through experience, language, and story. Fellows will experiment with research and performance approaches to understand stories and histories of the Penobscot River and watershed. They will collaborate to create new work,
inspired by their learning, that addresses ecological recovery and social justice. Fellowship activities will
be led by Penobscot Nation partners and will center indigenous knowledge and experience.

The fellowship year will include:
A regular check-in schedule
Workshops and skill-shares

Two intensives that immerse Fellows in research and performance methods
A public performance and/or presentation of the work created

Fellows will receive:
$1500 stipend

Dramaturgical & research support
Connections with the broader In Kinship community
Photo and video process documentation
Space to present new work


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Chris Battaglia, the 2019 Kindling Fund grant recipient is having an open call for The Village Canoe residency!!

The Village Canoe is an immersive, outdoor, floating artist residency and exhibition. Structured as an expedition, the residence will take place from a 30-foot voyageur canoe, inviting through an open call up to six participants to paddle, camp, and make art along the Maine coast and/or rivers on the interior. At the culmination of the trip, artists will host a temporary, free, public, and interactive pop-up exhibition of the work produced during the residency. The show will take place outdoors in a movable bow-roof structure – the same enclosure in which the canoe will have been built.

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Going For it, An Experimental /Amateur Talent Show + A CLEARING: A POSSIBLE PRACTICE!

Saturday, March 2, From 2:30-5

Address: 229 Broadway Street, Farmington, Maine

When grantees collaborate!

Devon Kelley-Yurdin’s Going for It: An Experimental / Amateur Talent show and a local writer, Audrey Gidman, will be facilitating a poetry workshop inspired by A POSSIBLE PRACTICE theme, Kristin Chang’s poem “Etymology of Butch.”


Going For It: An Experimental Amateur Talent Show
Devon Kelley-Yurdin
Going For It is an experimental amateur talent show. As an ongoing participatory performance, GFI serves as an exercise in bravery, radical vulnerability, collective joy, and community care. It is an invitation to bring attempt, curiosity, and inexperience to the center, to share hidden corners (if it feels safe), and to try new things. Through support and discussion, the event fosters a communal exchange in place of an audience/performer dynamic and builds the critical skills of courage, empathy, and witnessing (among others) that are required to create a more just and equitable world. In 2019, Going For It will deepen through wider participation, access, and research. More community performances and partnerships will culminate in the creation of a printed & digital guidebook that will act as a tool for other individuals and organizations to produce this event within their own communities.

Alana Dao & Meg Willing
Wild sunset. Dried-leaf breeze. Welcome to A CLEARING: a Maine arts community coordinated by Alana Dao and Meg Willing. Rooted in the ethos of community-supported art, A CLEARING is a creative network that values and amplifies artists underrepresented within the traditional confines of the Western, masculine-centric canon. The Kindling Fund supports this organization’s inaugural project, A POSSIBLE PRACTICE, which highlights art on the margins of dominant culture. In this site-specific art installation/open creative space, Maine-based artists will be invited to create alongside us in conversation with a theme, culminating in a retrospective artist’s book that catalogs our time together.

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