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A statewide regranting program for artist-organized projects in the state of Maine, administered by SPACE Gallery and part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Network.

Homemade Exchange (2018) Pop Up Cafe!
Friday April 20, 2018 5:30pm – 8:00pm

269 Water St. Augusta, ME

On Friday, April 20 during the first Augusta Art Walk of the season, The Homemade Exchange will transform an empty storefront space into a cozy cafe environment. Art walk guests and Augusta community members are invited to share conversations and stories throughout the evening. Share a story to take home a handmade mug, learn more about the project, and enjoy tea, coffee, treats, and good company! More details about the event can be found by clicking here.

For more information about the Homemade Exchange, please visit




Hole History Show: Origins of the American-Style Donut (2018)

Accepting applications for artist + chef teams through April 27, 2018

2018 Kindling Fund recipients Alexis Iammarino and Maeve O’Regan are seeking Chef + Artist teams to invent and create donut-inspired foods for a juried tasting on National Donut Day, June 1, 2018. All entries must be received by Friday, April 27th. For more information, including details on how to apply, please email [at] gmail [dot] com.




Myron Beasley (2018) Re-Past: A Performative Meal on Malaga Island
Thursday, July 12, 2018

Re-Past is a creative intervention in the form of a performative meal, to be held on Malaga Island. In 1912, the residents of the island, of African American, Native American and multiracial heritage, were forcibly evicted from their homes by the Maine state government, which had taken legal possession of the island through connivance of courts, the town, mainland landowning families, and the burgeoning hotel and tourism industry. Through collaboration with sound artists, visual artists, chefs, and performance artists, the event will serve as a site-specific memorial both to the island’s former inhabitants and to their descendants, who have faced stigma and discrimination since the eviction. The event will be lived streamed. Re-Past is curated by Myron M. Beasley. For more information about Re-Past, please visit



Pickwick Independent Press / Pilar Nadal (2018)
Printers Without Margins Fellowship Program

Rolling deadline through September 30, 2018

Pickwick Independent Press will offer a one-month printmaking fellowship to six individuals in 2018 who want to create radical printed matter for a larger community. Pickwick will provide access to our print shop, instruction, materials, creative guidance and a small stipend to each fellow. The fellowship is intended to give someone who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the equipment and community support that Pickwick provides it’s members. One edition of 100 signs, posters, pamphlets, zines, postcards, etc. will be created related to the issue they bring to the table. Possible topics can include issues such as: racism, LGBTQIAA+ rights, incarceration, homelessness, gentrification, environmental change, politics, healthcare, and so forth. Distribution of the printed matter to the public for free is required; for example: posting in public spaces, passed on during canvassing conversations, sent via post, or any other creative method of dissemination.

Pickwick is a fine art printmaking facility that utilizes screen printing, relief & letterpress printing, intaglio, and offset lithography to create artwork and small runs for commercial clients. We are set up to make posters, flyers, postcards, zines, and t- shirts, among other kinds printed matter. For more details on how to apply please visit:




The Chart (2015 + 2018)
Announcing Critic-in-Residence Imani Roach

The Chart and the Kindling Fund are pleased to announce Imani Roach as the Chart’s 2018 Visiting Critic! Imani will be the inaugural critic in a week-long pilot residency program that will encompass investigation of place, critical engagement and discussion, and which will foster the beginnings of reciprocal relationships among artists, writers, and publications through dialogue and writing.

Roach was selected from an exciting pool of talented writers and editors from across the country by a jury of three Maine-based arts professionals. Ellen Y. Tani, Ph.D, Christopher Stiegler, and Julien Langevin selected Roach based on the outstanding strength her writing and the commitment of equity evidenced therein. The jurors, whose bios are below, were particularly moved by the urgency and expansiveness of Roach’s vision and practice, and the nuance and care that frames her work.

For more information about Imani and her work with The Chart, please visit