VR Cam Sites

VR cam sites offer a naturalistic live encounter with cam girls. There is much enjoy pleasure, whether it’s a simple chat or real VR sex.

Virtual reality (VR), new technology brings cam models so close that you’ll see as if they are in your room.

Stripping, masturbating, or fetish performance are nice. But adding virtual reality technology gives a cam site much bite. Let’s call it realistic, immersive, and satisfying.

Be warned; the experience might give you an unyielding erection—Jack off as many times as you feel.

Want to try VR cam sites?

Many cam sites tried VR technology, but they couldn’t sustain it. One thing is exact; three cams offer consistent VR porn – StripChat, XVR.Chat and Sex Like Real.

Here is what you need first, to please your dick.

  1. GizmoVR – it works with Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Oculus, Oculus Quest, Gear VR, Oculus Go, and Steam VR.
  2. Get the best VR headset.


StripChat is a popular website in the adult industry. It offers consistent VR porn rooms that will make you come again and again. All cam shows in VR cam rooms offer a true to life carnal experience. The immersive feeling and experience put to shame the hyped live cams.

It’s free to watch VR sex. The only condition is; you need to create an account. A free account lets you watch live virtual reality performances in multiple rooms. However, in some cases, you might be expelled from VR rooms if you don’t have tokens.

Here is what happens.

A VR show holds a specific number of people. When a room gets full, the models kick out any visitors on free accounts to create room for those with tokens.

One dollar gives you about 10 tokens, but like other cam sites, the more $$ you spend, the more the tokens you receive.

Free cam shows give a sneak peek of what VR cams feel like. However, spending tokens gives you the real bite of the adult site. The best way to get lovely entertainment is by tipping the models. Ideally, giving out tips gets you the attention of top webcam models.

Remember, private VR shows lack an option for cam2cam sessions.

It is sensible.

Honestly, those VR headsets aren’t impressive to cam girls. If they see them, it will turn none of them on.

Having a chat for the first time can be tricky. The actual problem is clicking the right part. But with time, you’ll get used. Otherwise, there is much fun.

Sex Like Real

Sexlikereal.com might be a real deal for those needing exclusive VR cams. This sex cam offers both live porn and record VR porn.

Sex Like Real (SLR) comes with a free app, where visitors can access thousands of VR video porns any time. The incredible part is; the models channel new videos daily, which is exceptionally fun and engaging.

You’ll find a huge number of online models on SLR, and each one is beautiful. But what I found impressive is the sharpness and clarity of the VR videos. Other VR cam sites boast of quality streams. Man, SLR delivers live virtual reality videos in 6K and 5K resolution. However, you can go for shows at 90 and 120 fps.

How does it work?

SLR isn’t a single studio. Instead, it’s a massive catalogue of over 7000 scenes partitioned into a premium subscription or pay-per-view options. But these options do not expose you to the entire scenes.

Remember, other VR cam sites only expose you to between 200 and 400 scenes. In my opinion, I find the advanced VR technology and a huge catalogue of VR videos make SLR a top choice for ardent virtual reality sex lovers.

It costs you about $30 to get access to over 3000 scenes – But it won’t include the biggest and some of the best VR studios.


XVR.Chat is a promising Vr sex cam with lots of new cams each day. What I like about this site is the simplicity it offers to users. Just scroll down a little bit to reveal the beauties.

Another, feature making XVR Chat one of the best VR sites is you don’t need an account to check out those VR streams. Typically, the webcam offers them free of charge but with occasional popups, which aren’t annoying. So fire up your devices – smartphone or PC to watch VR webcam streams.

Remember, XVR.chat is an upcoming VR chat site dedicated to VR porn lovers. Currently, its videos quality are great, though it offers most streams in 4k resolution. However, other features pretty well resemble what accomplished cam sites offer.

Bottom Line

Virtual reality technology makes the viewing experience more lifelike watching. Essentially, it creates a 360-degrees digital environment that’s immersive and real.

If you want to feel like you are in the same room with the top models, VR cam sites might be the right option for you. Try the above cam sites to get the best experience.